Our Services

WPA Services’ expertise in international structures enables us to incorporate and administer companies in most jurisdictions including the Isle of Man, United Kingdom and British Virgin Islands.

We offer a Corporate Services package which includes Registered Office Services, acting as Registered Agent or Company Secretary, acting as Company Directors and nominee shareholders (where applicable).

We also offer extensive technical advice and assistance across a wide range of business development, financial and legal issues including share capital restructuring and rights, amendment of Company By-Laws and drafting of legal documentation.

Trusts & Foundations
Trusts are a popular way of protecting assets in the event of litigation, divorce and forced heirship. Trusts are also used in succession planning and tax mitigation.

WPA Services is able to establish a Trust specifically tailored to your needs, for example:

• Discretionary Trusts;
• Purposes Trust;
• Charitable Trusts; and
• Will Trusts

Some clients are more comfortable with Foundations and we can provide the same services for Foundations as we do for Trusts.

WPA Services provides a full range of accountancy based services to our clients.

We take time to understand your  requirements. We will work closely with you to provide you with the management information and reports that you need to support effective decision making.

Whether you want full management accounts, in respect of your structure  including cash flow statements, profit and loss statements or an annual report and accounts, we can help you.

We can register your business for VAT and help you to complete your returns. We can assist you in managing your funds so you have adequate finance in place to meet your VAT liability.

WPA Services has a group of specialists that can complete your individual self-assessment returns or your annual corporate return.

Other Services
WPA Services provides bespoke services and our dedicated team can provide you with assistance on the following:

• Tax advice;
• Legal services;
• Property Management; and
• Banking services